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What people are saying about Dan Cooper amoxicillin over the counter Referrals are critical. Whether we are searching for a trusted auto mechanic or roofing company, all of us rely on the word of family and friends to make many important decisions. We find comfort in knowing the experience of others; to be reassured that we are making a sound decision.

Finding a realtor who will achieve the results you want is no different – the testimonials of others are valuable when it comes to assessing an agent who has the experience, knowledge and marketing savvy to get top dollar for your home or help you make a wise real estate investment.

A good realtor will have a ton of referrals and ensure satisfied clients go on the record with their testimonials. They are powerful and provide a level of credibility that advertising and marketing cannot accomplish. These are true experiences by real people – they are believable.

For an example of the power of testimonials, visit our Testimonials page. Here you will see several videotaped testimonials from business leaders, community leaders and regular people who have had a positive experience from The Dan Cooper Team.
Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn is one such client. This is what he has to say about working with The Dan Cooper Team. “It was a great experience. I think it is always traumatic when you have to sell a house…The Dan Cooper Team made the process as easy as possible.”

The Flynns had lived in their home for more than 25 years and their situation was typical – they wanted a new house but wanted to stay in the neighbourhood. They didn’t want to sell their home first and not find another in the area, so we found a lot and they built a new house. We were able to find a great solution and today they have a brand new home in the same neighbourhood. Kevin says he recognizes this was a difficult scenario to navigate, but they were pleased with the marketing and that the right people were attracted to the home they were selling. They sold in 38 days.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, The Dan Cooper Team has handled thousands of challenging situations. Take May Scott, an executive who was selling her home in the dead of winter. We did it and May says they were pleased with the result. “Dan has a great marketing team. If you want your home marketed in the best way possible and with people who care, I would certainly go to Dan Cooper.”

Barb Drouin, a company president, says the experience was everything she and her husband expected “and more.” “It was extremely simple. It was seamless. Dan was very knowledgeable; utilized technology and brought the resources that we required to make things happen in a very timely fashion. My husband and I are extremely busy professionals and that’s why we aligned ourselves with The Dan Cooper Team.”

Barb says they got a price that was fair. In any transaction you need a buyer and a seller and we were able to negotiate a deal where everyone was happy and got what they wanted.

And in many cases, what begins as a business relationship becomes a friendship. The relationship I now have with Colin Davies, a managing partner of a company, is common. We helped Colin and his wife sell their home in Glen Abbey and move to their dream home on the lake.

“Dan is very good at being efficient and getting through the process. When buying and selling a home, you want it to go quickly and Dan was very good at being flexible and really trying to push it along so things go quickly,” Colin says. “We’ve gotten to know Dan pretty well from a social standpoint because we did enjoy the process working with him on the house. And he is fun to be with …and we’ve benefited from Dan from putting firsthand attention to Sharon and I.”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of glowing testimonials I have collected and friendships I have made over the years. I enjoy seeing many of my clients and often treat them with tickets to shows at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts or to dinner, as small tokens of appreciation for their business and their support.