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Upgrade To Insulated Windows

Upgrade To Insulated Windows

buy azithromycin over the counter While sealing in gaps around doors and windows can help to reduce drafts, a significant source of heat loss in the wintertime occurs through the window itself. This means greater energy expenditure to heat your home to an appropriate temperature. Consider upgrading to insulated windows which can translate to a savings of 7 to 16 percent on your energy bills when installed throughout your home. Here are a few design technologies incorporated into modern windows to improve insulation.


The most basic window is comprised of a single pane of glass, but adding a second pane to the design sandwiches a layer of insulating air in between. Commonly known as double-glazed windows, they effectively insulate not only heat but sound, transmitting less traffic and street noise into your home.

Inert gas fill

While air is a good insulating element between paned glass, inert gases such as argon or krypton are far superior insulators. These gases don’t conduct energy as well as air, reducing heat transfer through the window. Argon is cheaper and more commonly used. Krypton is more expensive but more effective.

Low-emissivity coatings

The sun’s rays consist of visible light, infrared light (which is transmitted as radiant heat) and ultraviolet light (which causes upholstery, rugs and wall coverings to fade). Extremely thin, transparent coatings made of a metallic oxide can be applied to the interior of glass windows to reflect warming infrared light back into the home. This reduces radiant heat loss without compromising the amount of visible light that passes through.


While strong and lightweight aluminum is a popular framing material, it’s also an excellent conductor for energy transfer. To improve insulation, aluminum frames are constructed with a thermal barrier or break between the interior and exterior elements of the frame. It’s a similar concept to the air gap in double-paned glass. Wood, vinyl or fibreglass are also favourable framing materials as they are poor conductors of energy.

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