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Taking Real Estate Photography to New Heights

How do you find innovation in one of the oldest industries on earth? After centuries, it is hard to put a new spin on pictures of a house. That is why the Dan Cooper Group is so excited to have found a new technology that will change the way customers view real estate. We are partnering with a local aerial photography company that will take our services to the next level.

As we have said many times in the past, one of our strongest values is community. That is what makes our new partnership such a sensation. FromAbove is an aerial photography company owned and operated by local entrepreneurs; Sean MacEachern, Mike Rogers and Drew Wilson. What began as a hobby in filming adventure sports has now expanded into commercial real estate photography. Their background in audio/video production and marketing are immediately apparent in their work. The combination of new angles with the high level of quality that our clients have come to expect is what creates a stunning visual that will make homes stand out.

The Dan Cooper Group will now be offering this as an option for our marketing package. We want to show you the difference that this product makes when selling a home. The use of drones will allow us to capture a more dynamic perspective of the home. Not only does aerial photography showcase the beautiful typography of the property being sold, it can give a 360 panoramic view of the surrounding area. This technology is not currently being utilized nearly enough in Canadian real estate but there is no question that one look at the stunning photos will leave consumers demanding more. To see examples of the new product that we will be offering, please visit Let us know what you think about this topic on our Facebook page – The Dan Cooper Group.