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REP Top Teams 2017

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REP Top Teams 2017

generic amoxicillin over the counter The Dan Cooper Group is proud to be named one of REP Top Teams 2017 in Canada by REP (Real Estate Professional Canada). The below excerpt was taken directly from REP Magazine. It can also be found online here.


For the full list of REP Top Teams 2017 please visit:

REP talks a lot about “expanding your business,” which is a convenient, slightly more lyrical stand-in for “selling more real estate.” But there comes a point in the life of every successful real estate agent when expansion becomes quite literal: You’ve cracked the code, clients are seeking you out at an intensifying pace, and to maintain the level of service that made you so in-demand, it’s time to build a team.

But not all teams are successful. Some agents have trouble transitioning into a leadership role, coming up short when attempting to train and motivate their team members. Some hire poorly, assembling a disparate group of personalities that fails to synergize. Some simply find that they were more comfortable when someone else was in charge of making the most critical back-end decisions.

Reaching a point in your career where starting a team is necessary is a fine accomplishment, but turning that team into an equally successful entity is even more impressive. That’s why REP has dedicated this issue’s cover feature to Canada’s top real estate teams. The ability of these teams to achieve their goals year in and year out speaks not only to the mentorship and vision of their leaders, but also to the skill and commitment of the indispensable agents and support staff working to build their team’s brand and increase its market share.

No one goes it alone, even in real estate. Looking at the inspiring performances of REP’s Top Teams, why would you want to?