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Shaking up the roofing industry with an eco-friendly product

antibiotic azithromycin OTC I often come across interesting home products and when I do I like to share these finds with my clients – especially if I believe they can help a homeowner increase the pleasure or value of their home. These treasures can range from landscape products to home automation to furnishings and art.

An exciting product I discovered recently has great potential in the Oakville and Burlington areas. The Enviroshake is a composite roofing product that has the authentic look of cedar with lifetime performance. I say it fits right into the housing styles of our area because the cedar shake look is a popular choice here.

Traditional cedar shakes add beauty and rustic charm to a home’s exterior, but nature’s elements can exact a heavy toll, requiring a homeowner to replace the roof every 10 to 15 years. With Enviroshake, you can now get a lifetime of curb appeal with a cedar shake style and never have to invest in another roof again.

Enviroshake Inc. has been developing composite blends and formulations for more than a decade to create durable, attractive and premium-quality roofing products. Its signature line is the long-lasting alternative to cedar shakes – Enviroshake, which replicates the size and appearance of a natural cedar shingle. In fact, through special engineering, the shingle actually lightens to a grey colour in three to nine months just as a natural cedar shingle would. But while Enviroshake takes on an aged appearance, it stands the test of time. Guaranteed not to peel, separate, flake, rust or rot, the roof is warranted for the lifetime that the original purchaser resides in the home. If you sell, the warranty is transferable and non pro-rated to the new owner or owners for a 50-year period from the date of manufacture. How many other roof systems guarantee a lifetime or at the very minimum, 50 years?

What truly impresses me is that this incredible system can been installed for the same cost as cedar and yet it provides increased durability, UV protection and resistance to mould, mildew, rot and insects. Enviroshake is made with 95 percent reclaimed products, including post-industrial plastics, recycled rubber elastomers and cellulose fibres. Even the scrap materials in manufacturing are recycled back into the system. And the finished product itself is recyclable. For those of us who are ever-conscious about how we treat the environment and concerned about our carbon footprint, supporting recycled products and responsible manufacturers simply makes sense.

So next time you are looking to replace your roof and you want the wow factor of cedar shakes without the worry of rot or damage or the cost of replacing real cedar shakes, look into Enviroshake. The company has achieved a number of green certifications and has appeared in numerous publications for its innovative roofing solutions. You can find out more about the company and their products at