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What questions should you ask your realtor when selling your home in Burlington

Ask the realtor:

  • Has the real estate agent sold a significant number of homes in your area?
  • Do they implement an aggressive marketing plan in the Burlington area?
  • Do they provide staging services in Burlington?
  • Will they be responsive, will they be available to talk on the phone if needed?
  • Are they local to Burlington?

If the realtor answers yes to all of the above, then you have qualified your real estate agent, that is just the start.

The second round of qualifying is usually done in person, at your home or the realtor’s office. You may want to go to the realtor’s office to meet the staff and get a better understanding of what they do behind the scenes. It is important to know that the real estate agent will be looking after all the details involved involved in selling your home, but it can provide a sense of comfort to understand at a high level what goes on, and how it is done.

Get a market assessment completed by the realtor in Burlington, and go through it with them to gain a better understanding of the price established. Don’t necessarily chose the realtor that suggests the highest listing price for your home. This can be tempting, but not sustainable.