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Location is in the eye of the beholder

antibiotic azithromycin Location, location, location. It’s an age-old piece of advice that is often heard when shopping for a new home. The question, however, is what location is right for you? That is an extremely subjective decision. order metronidazole I’m often asked about a specific location and how quickly the home will appreciate. The person asking is looking at value and if their purchase is a smart one from a financial point of view. That’s a loaded question. Unless you are an investor and your sole purpose for the purchase is to maximize your investment over the next few years, a better question might be, is this a good investment for your lifestyle. Is this the house and the location where you will be the happiest? And that is why this decision is so subjective.

For example, a young couple with children likely wants a home close to schools, parks and other recreational amenities. More often than not, they want a newer neighbourhood or an area that is being rejuvenated with young families like themselves so their children grow up with friends close by. In addition, the parents are living in an area with people who have common interests and desires. Being conveniently located near public transit is also a high priority, especially for couples relying on one car.

Single buyers or young couples might find a downtown location is ideal, perhaps in a condo or a home that is close to the action – entertainment, restaurants and nightlife. This kind of lifestyle also appeals to some Baby Boomers who are empty nesters but want to recapture those active days of their youth and also want to be within walking distance of fine dining, live performances at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts and upscale shopping.

And yet, other Boomers want the quieter pace of a lifestyle community, a secluded pocket of exclusive homes or a more idyllic setting close to nature. For these buyers, walking trails and manicured back yard retreats are more important than having amenities close at hand.

The key to finding the right home for you, or finding the right buyer if you are selling, is to work with a Broker who is knowledgeable about the area, who knows the market and can eliminate a lot of guesswork for you. At The Dan Cooper Team, for example, we have a team of multi-disciplined professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience. I alone have more than 20 years of experience in the Oakville market and have had the distinction of being the top Broker in Canada for Royal LePage.

When you work with the best you are assured of getting the best deal and the home that fits your lifestyle.