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How to get your home ready for a winter sale

website Spring is generally considered to be the best time to sell a home. It’s a time when warming temperatures and the burst of new life bring a flood of buyers into the marketplace. But truthfully, winter is a critical time as well – especially among those buyers who want to move in the spring and be settled into their new home by the time summer rolls around.

amoxicillin OTC buy now Selling during the drab winter months can be a challenge, but there are some easy and effective things you can do to ensure your home stands out from others on the market.

Keep your windows washed and polish all your mirrors. Creating that sparkle in your home will make your home more inviting if sunlight shines through spotless windows and reflects off your mirrors.

In late fall, ensure dead leaves and debris have been raked, gardens prepared for winter and bushes trimmed. A neat yard, even in winter, will provide a good first impression.

Give your house a total cleaning, including sending window coverings to the cleaners or giving them a wash, dry and press.

Give your blinds a thorough cleaning, get rid of dust and cob webs and open the windows for a blast of fresh air to take away any staleness that might be lingering.

Set out fresh flowers. Natural scents are more appealing than artificial and provide splashes of colour that can brighten a room on a dreary late fall or winter day.

Polish floors to a high gloss. Hardwoods should be kept free of dust and gleam; ceramics should twinkle and shine, clean dull grout, thoroughly clean area rugs and replace worn kitchen and bathroom mats.

Use towels, throws and pillows effectively, even if it means buying some new accessory items. These are inexpensive accents you can buy, but fresh and trendy colours can alter the visual impact of a room. Presentation is also important. Layer towels on the bathroom towel rack and place rolled wash cloths on the counter in a fashionable pyramid.

Offer a mat for shoes and an umbrella stand at the entrance. We could still have rain in late fall, so lay down an attractive mat for visitors to clean their shoes before entering your home. Providing a natural entrance is far more attractive than laying down a plastic runner which may protect your floors, but detracts from the effect of a glittering polish job.

Fill the sink with ice to chill bottled water for visitors and set out some treats or snacks, which will keep visitors lingering a little longer in your kitchen and admire features they might otherwise overlook.

These are just a few of the things a home seller can do to create a home that stands out from the competition.