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How to beat the Winter Blues amoxicillin OTC As Canadian’s we are supposed to be immune to the cold winter months, and while this may be true in December it usually doesn’t last throughout the entire season. Once Christmas passes the joy of the winter season starts ebbing away and the winter blues set in. It is then that we start forgetting what shorts are and wondering if we will ever see leaves again. It is true, our winters are long, dark and, of course, cold. It is for this reason that we need to find way to beat the winter blues.

One of the major reasons that we start to feel sluggish in the winter is a lack of sunlight. Not only are days shorter but we are inside longer to avoid the cold weather. The first step to keeping your mood up is to make sure that you keep your environment clean. Studies show that a cluttered living environment can lead to stress and health issues. The other easy way to boost your mood is to watch your diet. A healthy diet is always important but, becomes essential in the winter. Add Omega-3’s, vitamin D and C, and drink plenty of water. This along with getting plenty of exercise will do wonders in keeping healthy and happy throughout the season.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics we can move to fun ways to enjoy the season. One of my favourite ways to make the best of the cold is by staying out of it. Invite some friends over and plan a night in with movies, board games or even charades. These games are no longer just for kids, there are many ways to add fun for every age to these classics. If you don’t agree then pick up Cards Against Humanity, this mature version of apples to apples is sure the take your minds off the snow that is slowly piling up.

If all else fails, make friends with the snow. Build snowmen, make snow angels or take part in winter sports. Whatever it takes, do not give up. Winter comes every year, hopefully this year we can learn to love it!