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Four Ways to Refresh Your Home with a Power Washer

Four Ways to Refresh Your Home with a Power Washer

click here A power washer makes quick and easy work of some of the more gruelling home maintenance tasks. If you’ve ever found yourself scouring outdoor surfaces for hours or days on end, you’ll find power or pressure washers a pleasure to use. Whether you rent one for a weekend or dive in and purchase a unit outright, here are a few ways you can make use of a power washer.

Cleaning the barbecue grill

Barbecues are a cooking staple in the summer but cleaning the unit after use is definitely a chore. Instead, make use of a power washer to easily lift stubborn grease and food buildup. First, be sure to disconnect the barbecue from its power source, whether it’s electricity, a propane tank or a natural gas line. Do a preliminary wash at a 45-degree angle then apply a degreaser and let it soak in for a few minutes. After this, a 15-degree spray will help release thicker buildup before you do another 45-degree rinse.

Cleaning cars and vehicles

Forget drive-through washes or do-it-yourself operations with weak, time-limited use. Similar to cleaning your barbecue, remove loose dirt and mud with a water-only wash before applying soap. Then do another low-pressure rinse. Don’t forget about cleaning the underside of the car, especially at wheel wells where dirt builds up quickly. If you own a boat, motorbike or RV, pressure washers also make easy work of cleaning.

Wooden decks and fences

Pressure washing is an easy and gratifying way to return wooden decks, patios and fences to their natural beauty after years of dirt and debris buildup. If you have a stained, varnished or painted surface, be sure to use a lower pressure setting here as a high-pressure wash can strip paint.

Strip paint from surfaces

But if removing paint is your goal, a higher pressure unit, around 2,500 psi or above, can help with this. But don’t expect a complete removal. Move the nozzle along the grain of the wood. After the surface dries completely, you’ll have to go in and scrape or sand loose paint. Take care when pressure washing older materials, especially brick, as you can cause permanent damage to the surfaces.