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École Forest Trail Fun Fair

École Forest Trail Fun Fair

École Forest Trail is a school that feels like a second home to all students, parents and even teachers. The sense of belonging and contribution is contagious as soon as you become a member of this wonderful, big family. Our annual Fun Fair Fantastique is one of École Forest Trail’s most popular fundraising events. École Forest Trail is one of the most technological and educationally advanced schools in Oakville and all of our fundraising proceeds are spent on additional supporting events and material focused on the student advancements.

Saghar is so proud to be a parent and a member of this school’s Parent Council. For her, it has been an honour and privilege to contribute to more forward the mission and vision of this amazing school.

We are inviting the whole community to be part of this very popular evening or possibly sponsoring an activity! There will be approximately 800 children from grades two to eight and this signature event brings our families together to celebrate! The École Forest Trail Fun Fair will include many fun activities such as bouncy castles, a cake walk, photo booth, carnival games, food trucks and a talent show. The evening is such a huge success because of the many wonderful parents, staff, and students that volunteer their time to make it all happen! École Forest Trail has received so many positive comments from everyone who has attended the event in the previous years.

Look for our branded Mini’s at the event! We hope to see you there on Thursday, June 14th from 5-8pm.