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Decluttering can make your house more appealing to the buyer antibiotic azithromycin OTC Decluttering is a critical step in the home-selling process. Without question, a home can sell much quicker if you take the time to remove a lot of the furniture and accessories that often overwhelm spaces in the home.

For more on this, we turn to one of The Dan Cooper Team’s newest partners, professional organizer Steve Ilott. “Often people don’t realize the ‘normal’ they live in isn’t other people’s normal. Their personal objects, family photos, taste in art or too many pieces of furniture are the things that detract and distract from a buyer’s perspective. When one has a micro second to make an impression, one has to focus on the space.

The key is to enhance the size and feel of a room. It’s all about the house, not its contents. That’s not to say a good clean Zen stage isn’t important; it is. But it must enhance the space not remove from it.”
Steve says that even homes previously on the market, that were cluttered and not overly viewable, when cleaned up and allowed trades such as painters, carpet cleaners etc. to do their work, created a catalyst for action and quicker sales as well as for a good deal more money.

“My first impression is that the rooms are purpose driven, that is, each room defined by use. A room that confuses is a room that overwhelms both the owner and buyers. A living room should not double as children’s playroom for showing. A dining room is not the computer room or a place to have a rack of clothes. Keep it simple and display for purpose. I immediately make a mental inventory of what doesn’t fit and how to use what may be around the house to make that room sing its purpose.”

When you move items out, but still want to save them for your new home, Steve says the options include: Putting items in storage on site (good reasons to clear out the basement and garage) or bring in a POD which is a trailer that is deposited in the driveway, packed up and brought away for temporary storage and later delivered to the new location. Also self-storage is a good option but can often turn into long-term storage if you don’t follow up and get the items moved.

If you just want to get rid of stuff, Steve has a network of charity organizations that will take unwanted items that are in good condition. “There is no income level that doesn’t need this cathartic therapy. I call it therapy for the home, but often it’s therapy for the homeowner.”

Steve calls himself a domestic archaeologist and has a passion for challenging spaces. He is also a popular speaker who is helping audiences declutter their lives. Visit Steve’s website,, and you will find a fun video showing you some before and afters as well as more information about his services.

When you work with The Dan Cooper Team, you have at your fingertips more than a group of professionals who will effectively sell your home. You also have at your disposal experts who can take care of all your real estate needs – legal services, mortgages, carpet cleaning, staging and, yes, decluttering.