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Creating a monster marketing program to sell homes

order metronidazole The ability to continually evolve and improve is the secret to a business serving you better. In the real estate market, finding more powerful and effective ways to sell homes gives that realtor the edge over their competition. The Dan Cooper Group has always been proud of the superior level of customer service we provide, the attention to our clients’ needs 24/7 and our commitment to making every real estate transaction enjoyable and profitable.

azithromycin buy now That dedication hasn’t changed, and we are among the best at taking care of our customers. But, the way in which we are marketing and selling homes is evolving by leaps and bounds. The result is that we are finding innovative ways to sell homes quickly and for the best return on your investment.

We started a few years ago by being among the first to introduce video tours of our properties online. And although we were leaders in this area, we certainly were not prepared to sit back on our laurels and believe that this was all we had to do. We knew our competitors would catch up and surpass us if we were complacent and failed to be innovative and creative in our approach to selling homes.

Today, the playing field is uneven as brokerages such as ours develop more powerful selling tools and are fearless in their commitment to implement new systems and technologies. In fact, we have been using the guru of internet marketing, Dean Jackson, to help us build successful strategies. We are not about to experiment with new approaches when it comes to selling your home. We want to be innovative, but also smart about it. Dean has been working with us to take his world-class marketing strategies and implement them on a local level. The result is a higher level of success using proven systems.

We have bolstered our online efforts, creating separate websites for each listing and posting them on YouTube. We take the time to optimize the individual sites so they are more likely to be found when a potential buyer types in Oakville or Burlington Real Estate, for example. Our Twitter profile and our Facebook page,, are quickly attracting a large following of fans. Furthermore, we have recently developed direct response marketing campaigns, which are helping us identify qualified buyers thereby selling your home in a shorter time period and for more money. As marketing is a large part of selling any product, we thought what better way to go about this than to look into connecting with potential clients through a marketing attribution model. Seeing as technology doesn’t look like it is going anywhere anytime soon, we might as well use it to our advantage and be innovative with it all. It’s a unique and powerful approach, and one that we believe will revolutionize our industry because it allows us to expend our energies on those who are truly interested in your home.

Of course, we still rely on magazines and real estate sections, but the key is merging our print marketing with our online marketing. Again, with professional and expert guidance from Dean, we are merging our strategies to create a monster marketing program for our clients.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, choosing a realtor who is committed to client service and has created an innovative marketing program to sell homes faster and for more money will ensure your peace of mind.