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Converting Real Estate Market Stats to Intel – Who should you listen to?

Converting Real Estate Market Stats to Intel – Who should you listen to?

read more In today’s information rich world where everyone has access to everything and information (whether fact or fiction) travels quicker than ever before. While this has its advantages, it has also diluted the quality and validity of the information being shared. Most recently we are seeing this happen more and more when it comes to the many voices speaking about the Real Estate Market. It’s important to separate fact from fear. I am a strong believer of constant and continuous learning. In order to remain competitive and leading edge, it’s an absolute necessity we surround ourselves with the best in the industry and leverage our strengths in order to bring intelligence and sage advice to our clients.

As a company we are constantly contributing to the knowledge and expertise of our team by providing ongoing training and partnerships that allow us to do more for our clients.

A few weeks ago I met with Marcus Tzaferis, the CEO of MorCan Direct, and got to know his vision for his company that has been rated #1 in Canada two years in a row. MorCan is a Mortgage Brokerage which means they have access to various lenders and will always find the best product for their clients. What intrigued me most about MorCan’s business model is that their Mortgage Agents work on a salary and are not commission based. This is very important and means they are not selecting products based on the highest commission. Instead they take the time to understand the clients overall goals and needs and choose the product best suited to them.

Much like myself, Marcus is an industry expert and is often called upon by the media for his informed opinion on what to expect when it comes to all things related to Canada’s financial climate, interest rates and their impacts on the Real Estate Market. It’s critical we have the right people by our side to guide our thinking and help us navigate the changes we are seeing.

Working with industry leaders like MorCan Direct allows us to continue to provide a high level customer experience and expertise beyond what you read in the newspaper. We are excited to have MorCan on board! Visit their website to see how they can help you.

MorCan Direct
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