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Building success through valuable partnerships

Featured in this photo from left to right are Lars Melander and Dan Cooper. buy amoxicillin Featured in this photo from left to right are Lars Melander and Dan Cooper.

buy metronidazole over the counter I would like to congratulate Lars Melander and Oakville Today for 25 years of success. I first met Lars when I started my real estate career more than 20 years ago. Lars had only been in business for four or five years, but I was impressed by his integrity, his commitment to the community and the quality of the newspaper’s content.

Oakville Today is a Metroland Media Group publication and Lars is general manager, but in those early years Lars was founder and owner and it was his approach to serving his community and his dedication to quality and interesting content that convinced me to be a major advertiser from day one.

Lars describes our first encounter this way, “Dan was just starting his real estate business but was thinking big all the way. Typically a new business will start with a small ad and go from there. Dan took out a full page ad right out of the gate and has taken a page ever since. We are alike in that respect – thinking big.”

Oakville Today doubled its circulation in North Oakville over the past 25 years and is a successful community publication because of its investment in good staff, ability to listen to its readers and to deliver solid local content that its audience expects.

This philosophical approach is important for a real estate Broker when selecting strategic publications in which to advertise. I do a lot of advertising; it’s a strategy that has provided more exposure for the homes that are listed with my team. But I am also very selective, choosing publications that reach a desirable demographic, provide optimum penetration into key neighbourhoods and are well received by the consumer. Oakville Today is among the few that I have used consistently over the past 20+ years precisely because of its growth, its market reach, its longevity and how well it is valued by a loyal readership.

Successful businesses must be attuned to their customers’ needs and go the extra steps to keep those customers loyal. At The Dan Cooper Team, we have one of the best and most knowledgeable real estate teams in the area. We understand that hiring good people is simply good business. Evolving and improving our business has been paramount in order to stay ahead of our competitors.

I’m immensely proud of some of the industry leading initiatives we have launched in the past few years. We have been among the pioneers by introducing streaming video tours of homes on the Internet – taking home viewing to an exciting new level by allowing you to tour multiple properties in the comfort of your own home. We have also posted on our website living profiles of local business owners who help to make Oakville a culturally rich and vibrant community. These mini profiles give you a glimpse of what this great community has to offer. I invite you to take a tour on my recently improved and relaunched website

I am also pleased to announce my upcoming quarterly magazine Oakville Living. The publication will feature some outstanding Oakville homes, builders, designers and local businesses. And each issue will follow a local celebrity through town, stopping at his or her favourite shops. But I don’t want to give away our first celebrity just yet. You’ll just have to wait for the launch of Oakville Living this fall.