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Featured in the photo from left to right are Dan Cooper, Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and former Edmonton Oilers defenseman Paul Coffey.

Featured in the photo from left to right are Dan Cooper, Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and former Edmonton Oilers defenseman Paul Coffey.

Every year I put my mind and body through a gruelling event to raise money for an incredibly important cause. I’m about to participate once again in the Joe’s Team Triathlon in support of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation on July 9th. We participate in teams and I’m proud to have two Oakville/Burlington residents going through this challenge with me – Craig Radford and Alex Moore.

Last year there were about 550 of us who swam, cycled and ran at Lake Joseph, Muskoka and together we raised more than $1 million to support critical cancer research funded by the Foundation.

Yes, cancer can be beaten, and with your help, I would like to make a significant contribution to the fight. Please go to my website and make a pledge. Log onto and simply follow the links to the Joe’s Team form. Even a small donation goes a long way. Collectively we can make a difference in someone’s life. So be generous, give what you can and together we can accomplish something significant and fulfilling.

Cancer is an insidious disease that touches all of us. We all have a family member, or relative or friend who has been stricken with this horrible illness. The triathlon is a key challenge in the Joe’s Team Fundraising Campaign, which raises money for the Foundation. The background is that in 2004, Joe Finley began a difficult fight with cancer, but despite the physical and emotional toll of an extremely aggressive cancer treatment (or perhaps, some say, because of it), Joe fulfilled a life-long objective in August 2006 – he completed his first triathlon.

Crossing the finish line was just the beginning for Joe. Teamed up with The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Joe created “Joe’s Team,” an innovative cancer fundraising initiative that has in four short years already raised more than $3 million. The need to conquer cancer in our lifetime is urgent and important. Right now, two in five people will hear these words in their lifetime: “You have cancer.” Those words will transform their life and the lives of their loved ones forever. The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for research, education and the enhancement of patient care at Canada’s leading cancer research hospital, The Princess Margaret and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute. To learn more about The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation visit our website at

Where does your money go? Funds raised by Joe’s Team benefit The Joe’s Team Fund supporting The Princess Margaret Hospital Head & Neck Translational Research Program, a leading international research team of 28 dedicated clinicians and scientists whose vital research leads to potential new drugs, radiation and individualized treatment options that are more effective, less toxic, and will increase a patients quality and length of life.

Our support helps researchers and clinical staff to have tremendous impact on the lives of patients and provide the basis for scientific breakthroughs in other human malignancies including head and neck, lung, breast and colorectal cancers. With the support of Joe’s Team, The Princess Margaret’s translational research program will significantly advance its understanding of the development and progression of head and neck cancer.

I can’t describe the feeling I get when I know I’ve done something that will change the lives of others for the better. That’s the best gift of all.

Again, please visit my website and support a great cause.

Referrals are critical. Whether we are searching for a trusted auto mechanic or roofing company, all of us rely on the word of family and friends to make many important decisions. We find comfort in knowing the experience of others; to be reassured that we are making a sound decision.

Finding a realtor who will achieve the results you want is no different – the testimonials of others are valuable when it comes to assessing an agent who has the experience, knowledge and marketing savvy to get top dollar for your home or help you make a wise real estate investment.

A good realtor will have a ton of referrals and ensure satisfied clients go on the record with their testimonials. They are powerful and provide a level of credibility that advertising and marketing cannot accomplish. These are true experiences by real people – they are believable.

For an example of the power of testimonials, visit our Testimonials page. Here you will see several videotaped testimonials from business leaders, community leaders and regular people who have had a positive experience from The Dan Cooper Team.
Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn is one such client. This is what he has to say about working with The Dan Cooper Team. “It was a great experience. I think it is always traumatic when you have to sell a house…The Dan Cooper Team made the process as easy as possible.”

The Flynns had lived in their home for more than 25 years and their situation was typical – they wanted a new house but wanted to stay in the neighbourhood. They didn’t want to sell their home first and not find another in the area, so we found a lot and they built a new house. We were able to find a great solution and today they have a brand new home in the same neighbourhood. Kevin says he recognizes this was a difficult scenario to navigate, but they were pleased with the marketing and that the right people were attracted to the home they were selling. They sold in 38 days.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, The Dan Cooper Team has handled thousands of challenging situations. Take May Scott, an executive who was selling her home in the dead of winter. We did it and May says they were pleased with the result. “Dan has a great marketing team. If you want your home marketed in the best way possible and with people who care, I would certainly go to Dan Cooper.”

Barb Drouin, a company president, says the experience was everything she and her husband expected “and more.” “It was extremely simple. It was seamless. Dan was very knowledgeable; utilized technology and brought the resources that we required to make things happen in a very timely fashion. My husband and I are extremely busy professionals and that’s why we aligned ourselves with The Dan Cooper Team.”

Barb says they got a price that was fair. In any transaction you need a buyer and a seller and we were able to negotiate a deal where everyone was happy and got what they wanted.

And in many cases, what begins as a business relationship becomes a friendship. The relationship I now have with Colin Davies, a managing partner of a company, is common. We helped Colin and his wife sell their home in Glen Abbey and move to their dream home on the lake.

“Dan is very good at being efficient and getting through the process. When buying and selling a home, you want it to go quickly and Dan was very good at being flexible and really trying to push it along so things go quickly,” Colin says. “We’ve gotten to know Dan pretty well from a social standpoint because we did enjoy the process working with him on the house. And he is fun to be with …and we’ve benefited from Dan from putting firsthand attention to Sharon and I.”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of glowing testimonials I have collected and friendships I have made over the years. I enjoy seeing many of my clients and often treat them with tickets to shows at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts or to dinner, as small tokens of appreciation for their business and their support.

I often come across interesting home products and when I do I like to share these finds with my clients – especially if I believe they can help a homeowner increase the pleasure or value of their home. These treasures can range from landscape products to home automation to furnishings and art.

An exciting product I discovered recently has great potential in the Oakville and Burlington areas. The Enviroshake is a composite roofing product that has the authentic look of cedar with lifetime performance. I say it fits right into the housing styles of our area because the cedar shake look is a popular choice here. Sadly, the style won’t fit aesthetically with every home. Consequentially, it would be wise to contact your local roofing team.

Traditional cedar shakes add beauty and rustic charm to a home’s exterior, but nature’s elements can exact a heavy toll, requiring a homeowner to replace the roof every 10 to 15 years. With Enviroshake, you can now get a lifetime of curb appeal with a cedar shake style and never have to invest in another roof again.

Enviroshake Inc. has been developing composite blends and formulations for more than a decade to create durable, attractive and premium-quality roofing products such as roof coating and other types of roofing products. Its signature line is the long-lasting alternative to cedar shakes – Enviroshake, which replicates the size and appearance of a natural cedar shingle. In fact, through special engineering, the shingle actually lightens to a grey colour in three to nine months just as a natural cedar shingle would. But while Enviroshake takes on an aged appearance, it stands the test of time. Guaranteed not to peel, separate, flake, rust or rot, the roof is warranted for the lifetime that the original purchaser resides in the home. If you sell, the warranty is transferable and non pro-rated to the new owner or owners for a 50-year period from the date of manufacture. How many other roof systems guarantee a lifetime or at the very minimum, 50 years?

What truly impresses me is that this incredible system can been installed for the same cost as cedar and yet it provides increased durability, UV protection and resistance to mould, mildew, rot and insects. Enviroshake is made with 95 percent reclaimed products, including post-industrial plastics, recycled rubber elastomers and cellulose fibres. Even the scrap materials in manufacturing are recycled back into the system. And the finished product itself is recyclable. For those of us who are ever-conscious about how we treat the environment and concerned about our carbon footprint, supporting recycled products and responsible manufacturers simply makes sense.

So next time you are looking to replace your roof and you want the wow factor of cedar shakes without the worry of rot or damage or the cost of replacing real cedar shakes, look into Enviroshake. The company has achieved a number of green certifications and has appeared in numerous publications for its innovative roofing solutions. You can find out more about the company and their products at

Top row from left to right are Kevin Andrews, Matt Dunigan, Keith Costello, Kevin Smellie, Dan Ferrone; Bottom row from left to right are Dan Cooper, Brenden (Little Brother), Tim Scrinns (Grown-Up Little), Bill Demytruk (Big Brother)

Top row from left to right are Kevin Andrews, Matt Dunigan, Keith Costello, Kevin Smellie, Dan Ferrone; Bottom row from left to right are Dan Cooper, Brenden (Little Brother), Tim Scrinns (Grown-Up Little), Bill Demytruk (Big Brother)

I enjoy a good round of golf and when I can combine my passion for the game with a great community fundraiser, well, that’s just a perfect day. I had the pleasure of doing just that last month with the Oakville Community Foundation’s Marathon of Golf and the Dan Cooper Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton.

Both these events raised thousands of desperately needed dollars to support the tremendous work they are doing in the community.

Despite inclement weather, 35 golfers came out to the OCF tournament, played 100 holes and raised over $188,000, which was $10,000 over the 2010 total. This money goes toward supporting the Foundation’s community initiatives. OCF plays a critical role as a conduit – matching necessity with resources, challenges with opportunities. Support from the Marathon of Golf annual fundraiser will allow the OCF to develop two new community initiatives in response to identified community needs: Poverty and Community Engagement and Awareness.

In its 12-year history, the Marathon has raised close to $2 million. That’s an incredible accomplishment and speaks volumes about the caring and giving community in which we live. It’s the kind of community I am proud to call my home.

I am also immensely proud to have been host to the second annual Dan Cooper Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament at Glen Abbey on May 19th in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton. Grassroots charities such as the BBBSH are preventative in focus, helping children in the early stages by providing mentorship that has a positive impact that lasts a lifetime with these kids of all ages. Our young people are our future leaders and it is critical that we provide all the support we can to ensure they develop into good citizens, business people and community leaders.

The person I need to acknowledge as the driving force and tireless organizer for this tournament is Jules Graham-Hood, who, as the Executive Director of BBBSH, was not only behind this event 100 percent, but did an absolutely brilliant job in helping to bring celebrities and sponsors together to make this fundraiser an outstanding success. Putting together a professional and successful golf tournament is no easy task, and Jules’ energy and connections were instrumental in creating one of the best local fundraising events of the season.

“Give where you live” is a slogan adopted by many charitable organizations across North America, but it really does sum up my own personal philanthropic objectives and the approach of The Dan Cooper Team when it comes to donations and giving back to the community

Organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton, Oakville Community Foundation, United Way, Salvation Army and a host of other charitable bodies help to build a strong community and a brighter future for all our citizens. I encourage you to get involved in your community – with your time, your money or both.

Spring is upon us and the housing market is set to enter its busiest time of the year. With winter a mere memory and lots of sunshine on the way, many potential homebuyers will be out and about looking for the perfect home to suit their needs and budget. If you’re preparing to put your home on the market this spring, there are a number of things you can do to erase signs of winter wear and improve your home’s appeal.

Whether you’re in a buyer’s market or seller’s market, simple, cost-effective improvements like applying a fresh coat of paint to your home’s interior or exterior can transform your home and help attract greater interest from potential buyers.

Large-scale improvements like renovations can also enhance a home’s appeal while some houses might require repairs after a long and harsh Canadian winter.

To make sure your home is not only sale-ready but fetches the highest possible price, Royal LePage has compiled a list of top 10 tips for selling your home this spring: antibiotic metronidazole Create curb appeal – First impressions count! Get rid of any debris that winter left behind, edge your gardens and add creative arrangements to your front porch.

click here A fresh coat of paint goes a long way – Refresh the interior and exterior of your home by painting your walls, front door, garage, shed and fence.

amoxicillin over the counter Clean, clean, clean! – Nothing will turn a potential buyer away quicker than a dirty home. Be sure to scrub your floors and wash your windows.

Inspect your exterior – Have a professional check your property for any damage to your roof, shutters or siding caused by winter wear.

Are renovations required? – An updated kitchen or bathroom might boost your home’s appeal as well as the value of your home.
Engage the senses – Create a welcoming scent for potential buyers by lighting a few scented candles or placing fresh flowers throughout your home.

Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis – Update your patio furniture to create a relaxing outdoor environment.

Reseal your driveway – This will remove any wear and tear and keep your driveway looking new.

Depersonalize your home – Potential buyers want to picture themselves in your home. Remove family photos and diplomas.

Rid your home of unwanted clutter – Donate gently used items to many of the good causes that offer collections in your area.

If you are looking to buy a home, make it a point to regularly check the listings on for virtual tours, client testimonials and some interesting pieces of colour about our great community.