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Burlington Resale Prices Continue to Show Recovery

October Market Highlights
  • October average resale prices were up by 3.6% versus last year, marking annualized price growth for the third time in the past four months
  • This brought the year-to-date (Jan thru Oct) average price to within just 2.8% of last year’s record high performance
  • October volume of 208 units was up by a massive 103.9% versus last October’s horrendous performance of just 102 units
  • Despite October sales, year-to-date (Jan thru Oct) volume remains well behind last year’s numbers (-22.6%)

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Burlington Transactions - OCT 2018

NeighbourhoodTotal TransactionsAvg Sales Price ($)Avg Days on Market
Aldershot South12$993,91727
Alton Central3$758,33322
Alton West5$898,60015
Brant Hills3$694,00022
Elizabeth Gardens5$1,134,18035
Headon Forest12$699,00428

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering

If you’ve ever embarked on a decluttering journey, then you know it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Logically you know that you’re better off having less stuff in the house, but it’s still a struggle to part with your belongings. If you’re ready to let go of excess and make more room in your home, here are 8 important questions to ask yourself when deciding what should stay and what should go.

1. Have I used this item in the past year?

Try to remember the last time you used this item. If you can’t, get rid of it.

2. Will I use this item within the next year?

If you can pinpoint an exact date or event when you will use this item, keep it. If nothing comes to mind, toss it.

3. Does this item benefit my life on a regular basis?

If you haven’t needed this item lately, then it’s not something that is all that necessary to you.

4. Does this item give me a profound feeling of joy?

Do you feel beautiful, inspired, happy, etc., when this item is in your presence? If so, then it’s worth keeping around.

5. If the item needs to be fixed, is it worth investing time and money to fix it?

Consider the costs of fixing this item versus getting it replaced altogether and ask yourself if you’ll actually get around to repairing it in the next two weeks.

6. Do I already own something like this that serves the same purpose?

No one needs 50 pens or three copies of the same book. Get rid of duplicate items that are only taking up space.

7. If I had to move across the country, would I keep this?

Few things will convince you to throw out something than the idea of having to pack it and move.

8. If I were shopping, would I buy this?

Ask yourself whether you would buy this item if it were brand new in a store. If you wouldn’t, then why would you keep it?

The Dan Cooper Difference

I’ve been in love with the real estate industry for over 25 years. I had a vision and that vision was to serve as many people as I could. My passion is to help them realize the dream of home ownership. The Dan Cooper Group was born out of the idea of “making dreams happen”. We focus on service and high level marketing. Most importantly, we focus on you.

A home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make, but it’s much more than that. A home is about raising a family and being part of a community. It’s the cornerstone of your life.

Nearly three decades of leadership and happy clients have grown my company to one of the largest in the GTA.

I’m Dan Cooper and I invite you to get in touch with me so we can make your dream home a reality.

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Market Insights from Dan Cooper

2018 has been a year of change for the real estate industry and it’s no surprise there are many questions to be answered.

We recently held a networking event in Oakville to meet clients and business owners in the community so we could do just that, answer all of your questions related to real estate, borrowing money, wills and estate planning, and how to make the most of the current economic climate. A lot of valuable information was shared that evening and we have summarized our top three market insights from Dan Cooper himself.

  1. It is abundantly clear that the 2018 real estate market differs significantly from 2017 and 2016, but how does this year compare to a decade ago? After reviewing the data the findings might surprise you. Averaging out the sales month-over-month, we can project 80,000+ sales in 2018, on par with 10 years ago. I believe we will have a stronger fall market and total sales should land closer to 85,000 by year end.
  2. The Canadian real estate market continues to bring us a lot of the same news and trends as previous months; shrinking sales, increasing months of inventory, talk of further Bank of Canada interest rate hikes and a concern about the real estate market in general. For most of us who have a large part of our wealth tucked away in bricks and mortar there is reason to be optimistic as prices continue to recover.
  3. September statistics show moderate increases compared to 2017 and September 2018 is the fourth consecutive month of increases on a year-over-year comparison due in part to consumer confidence and Buyer’s reappearing into the market. Housing in Oakville and Burlington remains a steady long-term investment. Our market continues to attract Buyers due to our safe communities, excellent schools, proximity to major highways and our small-town sense of community.

“The GTA is emerging from a housing correction that was triggered by a combination of eroding affordability and government intervention,” said Phil Soper, President and CEO, Royal LePage. “The introduction of the mortgage stress test in particular slowed activity in Toronto’s ‘905’, bringing lower prices to the over-heated suburban region. Quarter-over-quarter trends are pointing to the end of this correctional cycle and the beginning of a modest recovery in the region.”

As we return to a more balanced market our concern continues to be the lack of housing inventory to meet the growing demand. If you considered selling over the past year or two, now might just be the right time. Overall real estate looks really, really good!